Tuesday, October 28, 2014


HALLOWEEN IN RUSSIAN: Fairy-tale heroes!

Untill everyone's mind is busy with pumpkins, witches and other monsters let's speak about Russian culture!

We have a lot of fairy-tales which have very bright Russian flavor. Let's speak about them, let's get acquainted with main Russian fairy-tales caracters, let's plunge in the rich Russian culture together!

Evening of real communication, new Russian phrases and interesting video in friendly atmosphere!

What is it: 
It will be a webinar devoted to Russian culture, to Russian fairy-tales and their main characters. You will know short stories about the most famous Russian heroes. Also you will know some new phrases in Russian and will have a chance to practice them in the voice chat!
The other interesting think - we'll watch videos of some Russian fairy-tales and discuss them in text or voice chat!
Anyway you will get a chance to practice our Russian and to know more about Russian culture!

When it will be:

It will be the 1st of November 2014, Saturday, 8 pm (20.00) Ukrainian time
!!!!!!!Please check attentive the time, because the time difference can make us confused!!!!!!!!!

What do I need to do to join:
You need to send a letter with the text "I want to take part in Russian Halloween Webinar" to till the 31st of October (including). On the 1st of November you will get a link to join the webinar.
Also you need to take some note-book, pencil and A GOOD MOOD!

We will be happy to meet you on our webinar!!

P.S. Please send the request only if you are sure about your participation, because the quantity of places are limited and we want everyone who really is interested could take a part. Thank you for understanding!


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