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  1. Hi!
    I've been having lessons with her and I think that she's really good.
    She's really patient and she's always trying to find the way to explain better, when i don't understand.
    I think that she focuses a lot in pronunciation which i think is the best.
    I seriously recommend her as a tutor, very very straightforward and funny indeed.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoy learning Russian!

  3. Nika is a great tutor :-) She will take personal care of you. I needed help with pronouncing Russian words and Nika was very patient. She also prepares vocabulary lessons and is very flexible in terms of scheduling. I recommend her highly to anyone studying Russian.

    A.S. from Los Angeles, California.

  4. Hello,

    I was really confused understanding Russian words but I always wanted to learn and have tried many websites but when I get Nika's lesson I feel a real change in my Russian language skills, she is a nice person with a friendly attitude, she is great at teaching and helped me after lesson hours too. She is like a friend who is always with me to get help and guidance. I think I am gonna attend her classes again soon to learn some advanced writing skills.
    Adeel Memon from Pakistan

  5. I study Russian at University and I have been having lessons with Nika for a couple of months now to try and improve my level of Russian.
    The lessons are fantastic - they are always planned out to suit the individuals needs. For example, Nika knows that in the future I would like to be a translator and aims to do at least one translation exercise in our classes. A typical lesson includes a game, grammar, reading, writing, listening and lots of speaking - perfect for language learning!
    Nika herself has all of the attributes of a fantastic teacher; engaging, patient and understanding. She is also very flexible in terms of scheduling.

    I really enjoy my lessons with Nika and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their Russian.

    Samantha, England

  6. I am a beginning Russian student who has been studying Russian independently I had decided that I wanted to learn Russian on my own. I started initially by attempting to learn from one or two Internet sites. I grew frustrated very quickly with these, as the concepts weren't very well explained, and I have found as far as learning a new language goes, being able to read it is equally important to being able to speak it, however Russian is a tough language to learn, but Nika will help you through it from how to read it to the complex grammar rules with really enjoyable and personalized lessons, I would highly recommend book a lesson whith she for people who are serious about learning the russian language.

  7. I think Nika is a professional tutor and she thinks not only about gramatical rules but also ways of teaching. Documents that she prepare are very useful and helps me to grow my vocabulary. We still continue our lessons and i can see improvement at my language level.If you had studied Russian language before, things are mixed in your mind and don't know how to proceed. She can guide you. These are my opinions about Nika's lessons and i highly recommend to study Russian with Nika.

    Vural Yalçın