Monday, January 20, 2014

How to learn new Russian words

There is a lot of methods of remembering new vocabulary, let's pay attention on several of them, which will help you to increase your vocabulary:

1. The most popular way lo learn new words - to repeat the list of words with their translation.
This way is not the most productive, but when you have a big list of new words you have not other variants. So how to make this way more effective?

First of all, don't try to repeat new words whole hour. The better way is to learn words, then make 10-minutes break and repeat words again. After that you need to repeat them in 24 hours, it will put your new vocabulary into long-term memory.

Secondary, when you're writting down new words into your Dictionary, make the separate column for "Assoсiations" and write or draw any assoсiations which you have about each word. It is very effective way of remembering new lexic. It is a way which use children when they are learning how to speak on native language. They don't even need a translation, they just remember words and realities which they mean.
So make as in example:

Thirdly, try not to learn separate words, learn collocations, phrases. For example, not "глаза", but "зелёные глаза", not "книга" but "интересная книга" etc.

2. The way, which used a great american writer Jack London: write new words of phrases on small sheets of paper and hang them in your appartment in places where you are the most often. Every time when you see them - just read this words orally. 

3. When you meet unknown word inside the text or sentence don't hurry to translate it. First of all, think about the context, try guess the translation, make assoсiations. Then find the definition of this word in explanatory dictionary of Russian language, read which synonims does it have. Only after this procedure find the translation. Make a collacation with new word and write it down to your Dictionary.

I hope these 3 ways of learning russian words will help you to increase your thesaurus.
Good luck!

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