Monday, June 24, 2013

A little announcement:

From 28th of June to 9th of July the lessons are impossible because of my holiday. But anyway I stay online, so I accept your emails and will answer on them as soon as it is possible. So you may leave your questions:
In this connection I suggest you to learn some new vocabulary about holidays and rest! I hope they will be usefull for you this summer!

отпуск - holiday
путешествие - travelling

лететь на самолете -  go by plane
аэропорт - airport
плавать в море - to swim in the sea
интересная экскурсия - interesting excursion 
теплое море  - warm sea
песчаный пляж - sandy beach
отель - hotel
пляжный зонт - beach umbrella
коктейль - cocktail 
загорать на пляже - to take sunbathe on the beach
женский купальник - women's swimsuit
мужские плавки - men's briefs
дайвинг - diving
аквапарк - water park
шляпа - hat

Хорошего отдыха!
(Have a good rest!)

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