Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Russian tongue twisters

Do you want Russians to understand you when you speak? Do you want to have clear Russian?
If your answer is “Yes” than the tongue twisters will help you!
It is interesting and very useful way to improve your pronunciation.
In Russian tongue twister sounds like "СКОРОГОВОРКА" and it means "to speak fast".
Here I prepared some of Russian tongue twisters, which you can use:

Все бобры добры для своих бобрят
(the approximate translation is: All beavers are kind to their baby-beavers)

Свиристель свиристит свирелью
(the approximate translation is: The waxbird is fluting by whew)

Карл у Клары украл коралл, Клара у Карла украла кларнет
(the approximate translation is: Carl stole the coral from Clara, and Clara stole the clarinet from Carl)

Жутко жуку жить на суку
(the approximate translation is: It is weird for beetle to live on the bough)

Шакал шагал, шакал скакал
(the approximate translation is: Jackal was stepping, jackal was skipping )

As you know – the meaning of tongue twisters is not very important, more important is to pronoun them very clear for improving the organs of articulation.

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